GSMV’s Success Strategy is to provide developers and condo associations with an innovative all-in one Unified Property Management Service they need to build, operate, maintain & provide excellent services including;

  • Advisory
  • Condo Property, Hospitality & Facility Management
  • Security 24/7/365
  • After Sales Services
  • Damage, Theft & Insurance Claims
  • Guaranteed Payment and Collections of Condo Fees


GSMV is a Montreal based condo property management company that is shaking up the market by offering traditional property management along with vertically integrated bundled services for condo buildings of 100 or more units. As a non-traditional property management company we focus on all in-house building management and operations team to provide every service including security, repair work/trades, and in-building systems (mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, elevators, telecom, fire protection surveillance etc.).

“together we are stronger.”


GSMV’s vision is to anticipate customer needs and build and develop long-term relationships by creating a suite of bundled condo property management services that will catapult the company into a leadership position in the Montreal and Toronto markets.


The Company has adopted a set of fundamental values when conducting business: 

  • Integrity – dealing honestly with customers, suppliers and the community 
  • Responsibility – respecting the environment, community and common good 
  • Profitability – maintaining the level of profitability required to achieve long and short term goals 
  • Value – being committed to quality as the only sustainable advantage in the long term 
  • Security – providing secure “win-win” relationships to customers 
  • Employees – providing career growth opportunities and potential partnership to responsible employees


1241, rue Guy

Suite 200

Montreal, Quebec

H3H 2K5




At GSMV we provide our clients with bundled and fully integrated condo property management services which will ultimately reduce building operations costs and increase co-owner customer service and satisfaction levels. Using advanced financial reporting systems for accurate accounting we use the data to provide cost-effective and beneficial building programs and initiatives to maximize ROI and resident satisfaction.