GSMV is in the business of bundled property management services. From start to finish, GSMV works with the developer to improve building operations and condo owner satisfaction by advising on the conception and design of the project. Once built, the company offers traditional administrative services, facility management and maintenance, integrated security services, after sales repairs and touch-ups for moving in as well as working with insurance companies to restore property damage in a timely manner. Other services include hospitality and co-owner services like personal concierge service, event planning and co-owner welcome and “fun” functions.

Differentiation: GSMV’s differentiation is that all service offerings will be bundled and centralized with GSMV including security, a call center for co-owners and suppliers to communicate, an all in one platform to receive important notices, share condo association files, track packages, file a complaint, schedule a repair and even speak with front desk security and know that the flow of information is vertically integrated and will get back to GSMV. This platform is both proactive and reactive when dealing with issues as it relates to co-owners and tenants.

Advisory Services

GSMV provides conception and design services which impact the building development & on-going operations. 

  • Review and evaluate condo declarations, rules and regulations
  • Evaluate budgets and reserve funds allocation
  • Review space planning
  • Review mechanical, electrical and structural plans
  • Review common area elements including; entrance vestibules and intercom solutions, main lobbies, seating areas and lounges, concierge areas, mail room Areas, elevator lobbies, common corridors, basement level elevator lobbies and entrance vestibules, basement public corridors, elevator cabs interiors, and amenities such pools, spas and gyms
Condo Property, Hospitality & Facility Management

Responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the condominium corporation, which include:

  • Holding regular board meetings, overseeing administration of owners’ meetings, and issuing appropriate and timely notices
  • Keeping updated registries of co-owners and tenants
  • Communicating with the board of directors
  • Handling disputes between condo owners
  • Enforcement of standards for co-owners for upkeep around units, such as pet policies and restrictive covenants on use
  • Determining which repairs and replacements shall be made to the major capital assets of the corporation
  • Supervising any work done by outside contractors
  • Implementation of long-term maintenance and replacement plans for major components
  • Managing the reserve fund
  • Preparation of financial reports and filing the condominium corporation’s tax returns
  • Collecting common expense fees, declaring increases and special assessments
  • Responding to complaints (by owners, tenants, employees, etc.)
  • Obtaining insurance and maintaining insurance premiums for the condominium corporation
  • Manage and schedule service contractors including a wide range of services including security, housekeeping, maintenance staff, landscaping and cleaning
  • Call centre for day to day communication and 24/7 emergencies for after-hours maintenance issues
  • Develop strong relationships with local contractors for quality and savings
  • Assess ongoing building performance including, energy consumption,
  • water consumption, indoor air quality and thermal comfort, lighting, acoustics and the building envelope
  • Compliance with civil code and other government rules and regulations
Security & Surveillance

GSMV will integrate front desk and perimeter security services including the responsibility for the day-to-day security of the building and co-owners. 

  • Condo security will provide a personal touch for co-owners and visitors. They will welcome residents home with a smile, learn their names and preferences, and attend to security matters and “front desk” customer service. They will be the first to notice signs of security issues and will report to SMV and the Boards of Directors.
  • The professional security team will improve safety and provide move in and out security, information, assist the concierge team in event planning and common area bookings.
  • Services include: 24/7 Security Operations and Dispatch, Security Guards, Reception Service, Mobile Patrol, Parking Enforcement, Patrol and Inspections, Alarm and Incident Response, Lock and Unlock Services, Event Management, Remote Video Monitoring, Remote Entry/Exit Management, Perimeter Protection, Fire and Life Safety, Emergency response and first aid.
After Sales Services

GSMV will provide a call center to receive calls and oversee repairs, touch ups before and after when co-owners move in for the warranty period as established by the developer. This service streamlines repairs and reduces costs for the developer as their operations mostly cost more when conducting after sales service once a property has been delivered.

Damage, Theft & Insurance Claims

GSMV will offer a unique property claims service for damages and break-ins and theft in common areas and will deploy 1st responders quickly to contain and repair for:

  • Burst pipe and water damage
  • Electrical and fire damage
  • Roof/window/balcony and door damages
  • Break-ins and theft

The claims and restoration process can take a long time especially when multiple parties are involved. The company works directly with an insurance claims estimator and will initiate restoration immediately. Using the estimator’s knowledge of building repairs the actual costs could be up to 50% of what the insurance company will estimate and pay out. In addition, starting the restoration immediately will reduce the overall damage and costs.

Guaranteed Payment and Collections of Condo Fees

On average 12% of co-owners are behind on their monthly condo fees. This leaves the condo association short of funds as well as having to incur costs for collections. GSMV’s guaranteed co-owner payment service ensures the association can function properly and pay all its costs and maintain its reserve fund.

GSMV then assumes the debt and has a collection process to receive payment from the co-owner.

Financial Management

We keep a close eye on each buildings’ finances. Our property management software’s financial module manages and oversees building finances including accounts payables, accounts receivables, and budgeting for property improvements and capital expenses. Working closely with the Board & Managers of each building ensures that all stipulations and laws are in compliance. Our cash-based accounting practices allow for accurate financial tracking and a true reflection of a building’s income and expenditure. We also produce detailed monthly financial statements accompanied by bank reconciliation statements for increased transparency. Clear communication ensures a high quality of work and conformance with outlined budgets.

Resident Interaction

At GSMV, we pride ourselves on clear and effective communication with all building residents. Every resident request is treated equally and handled in an efficacious manner so as to ensure maximum satisfaction and problem resolution. In addition to this, our property managers also visit the buildings routinely to speak with residents and listen to their concerns and form an action plan on how they can be effectively addressed. The entire team is readily available to respond to questions from board members, residents, professionals as they arise, responding to all inquiries made by phone or email usually in less than 24 hours.

Board Communication

The building’s Board is always kept up-to-date and well informed of all building activities. We make it our mission to properly understand the Board’s vision and goals for the property and provide them with supplementary information and advice where necessary, to work in the best interest of the property. Board members are given access to special financial reports which allow them to truly understand and assess the building’s cash position, assets, and liabilities.

Building Satisfaction & Efficiency

Each managed building is thoroughly assessed by our property managers for ways to improve resident services, security and building and energy efficiency. We are always assessing residents’ satisfaction and loyalty by asking for feedback on condo amenities and community features in addition to seeking ways to enhance services and reduce operational costs.

Emergency Management

All emergencies are handled with the utmost care, concern and in the most responsive manner to ensure the safety and security of all building residents. Our 24/7 emergency call system is available year-round to all residents in all of our managed buildings.


Some of the items that can be included in customized reports are:

  • Cash flow
  • Income register
  • Check register
  • Payables
  • Journal entry
  • GL report
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Bank statements
  • Copies of paid invoices