Manage your property with CONFIDENCE, from renovation to security to property management, capitalize on three specialities to take good care of your business. Discover the benefits of doing business with the SMV Group now. 

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The merger of our three companies allows us to seek superior expertise in property management. Regardless of the real estate project, we will be able to demonstrate you an undeniable reliability. 


The SMV Group is proud to be a pioneer in this industry by offering all these services at the same place. Professionalism is one of the great qualities of our company.  


We understand the reality of property management, which is why our experts are very flexible about your projects. Come discover the possibilities now. 

Building Maintenance Advice and Management

We are at your service to manage and plan all the operations necessary to maintain each sphere of the building. To do this, we develop an effective maintenance plan and implement an effective monitoring tools to keep the premises in perfect condition. Our mission: to ensure the preservation of the premises and to control the associated costs.


SMV Group Inc. uses the latest intelligent building technology to facilitate internal communication. All building information can be found in the same location: contacts, settlements, service requests, courier, services orders, major events and parcel delivery information. Our mission: to offer co-owners a high-end living experience, in all simplicity. Call us to learn more today.

Disaster Management

Major disasters require professional coordination of those involved.
SMV Group Inc. has the experience, expertise and ability to exercise this role of coordinator between co-owners, insurance companies and repair companies. Our mission: the deployment of prompt and effective actions in the private or common areas of your building. Leave disaster management to our experts!

Financial Management

Our expertise and our various partnerships allow us to collect the condominium fees on the due date, prepare the annual financial statements, prepare the annual budget according to the needs of the building and manage the accounts payable. Our mission: to ensure the sound management of the building’s financial resources. Our finance experts will guide you to best practices.